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Kikelet Halfmarathon

Place: Baja
Date: 2016-04-09

Kikelet Halfmarathon

He started runnung perfectly suited for time on the day of the race the runners held Baja VI. Halfmarathon springtime.

As in previous years running charity event started in the 1600 meter run. The main event of the day, supported by the Mogyi Kft Kikelet Half Marathon started the race 30 minutes later.

About a thousand participants outside the 21 kilometer run, the possibility of shorter, 10 km case be fulfilled. The two- and three person half marathon relay events were run.

The individual race was the Mogyi SE representing the start, representing our country in the Olympic Games in Rio Faldum Gabor won. In the women's bronze medalist in last year's Adrienn Szatmári Pécs won.

The official race time measurement in previous years, the team performed EvoChip Hungary Kft EvoTag technology. Services included a measurement of the time over the operation of the online results and commentary Station.